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Elementor 3.0.1: New Theme Builder, Design System Features and Performance Improvements

Elementor 3.0 and major update Elementor 3.0.1 from 23th and 25th of August finally here! Which new and long waiting things we have now? Get ready for a special 3-in-1 release that includes: Design System Features, New Theme Builder, and significant performance improvements.

Does it true, that Elementor 3.0 brings a whole new way to build web sites?

Let’s check this official video introduction about new features.

Since the distant 2016, from the first version, Elementor has dramatically changed the approach to the design and creation of websites on WordPress.

When Elementor 2.0 was released in 2018, the happy users of this Page Builder received a massive number of useful features, one of which was Theme Builder and the Template system.

Later we got the opportunity to customize the theme style using Elementor.

In August 2020, the developers gave us a vast and vital update to Elementor, and a couple of days after the release, they released a bug fix version Elementor 3.0.1. Today we’ll talk about it.

What was when Elementor Pro 3.0 was a Beta Version?

Before releasing version 3.0, the development team published six beta versions of the Elemetor Page builder.

At these stages, testers looked for bugs and sent bug reports to programmers to release a better product. What do we have today if we’ll install the latest version of the Elementor 3.0.x?

Now you can Manage Your Site’s Design System From One Place

For those unfamiliar with the term, a Design System is the single source of truth that forms the base around which a team designs a website. 

Let’s say you are building a site with several pages, landing pages, and blog posts. How can you make sure all the colors, fonts, and layout across all these pages and posts remain consistent with one language? This is the role of the design system. 

Implementing design system capabilities enables you to design and edit new and existing websites lightning-fast, cut through workflows, and shortening time-to-market while maintaining brand and visual consistency.

You have all your website design components built-in – so your entire team is synced, and your website is 100% consistent.

Elementor’s Design System Features include:

  • New Site Settings panel – including site identity, lightbox settings, theme styles and more
  • Global Colors
  • Global Fonts

Let’s explore each of these features and see how they will help you build more professional websites.

Click on the video to play it:

Defining the elementary settings of a website can be quite time-consuming.

Juggling Theme code, Customizer, functions.php … forget about it.

We added a new Site Settings panel, showing many sites extensive configuration tools. This way, you can stay inside Elementor, and have one place to set all of your site settings. Sweet!

Inside any page, you edit with Elementor, go to the left panel, and click on the top-left icon. You will switch to the Global Settings panel.

Inside the Global Settings panel, you will find:

  • Site Identity: Customize your cross-site identities such as Logo, Title, Tagline and even Favicon
  • Layout: Define Elementor’s default layout settings like default content width or default page layout
  • Lightbox: Set all the default styling of Elementor Lightboxes
  • Theme Style: Customize your non-Elementor HTML elements (usually set by the theme) for Typography, Buttons, Images, and Form Fields.
  • Global Colors and Fonts (will be explained in detail below)